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  • Website Design

  • Customer Service

  • Introduction to The Stock Market

Computer and Business Training!

Microsoft Office - Specialising in Microsoft Excel - Phone: 0434 289 437

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneDrive...

Microsoft Excel

This is by far the most requested training that I do. Spreadsheet creation, formatting, design, functions, formulas, charts and Moreā€¦ Interactive and flexible!

General Computer Training

Microsoft Windows (XP - Windows 10), File management, Tablets, One Drive, Google Drive and other Cloud computing options.

Stock Market Technical Analysis

Learn how to use computer software to analyse trends in the market and make informed choices of what to invest in. Learn types of charts, trends and what types of things cause markets to change.

Web Site Building

Learn how to build and/or maintain your own website without having to learn programming or web design. Perfect for small businesses or individuals who want have and be able to maintain their own websites.

Business Training

Customer Service

Personalised Training!

Instead of sitting in a class full of people that all want to learn something different, or learn at a different pace or learning style then You, try getting that personalised training that will help you succeed. Phone: 0434 289 437